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Liver Dysfunction and Restless Leg Syndrome Study

A study into Restless Leg Syndrome and liver dysfunction noted a high prevalence of liver dysfunction in those with RLS symptoms. This study is a great reminder why RLS should be more than simply managed! “This study is the first investigation of RLS prevalence in liver dysfunction. This select population of medically complex patients who…

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My Frustrating Quest for a Restless Legs Cure Led to One

During the nightmare period when I was suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome and other health challenges, I remember desperately trawling the internet for a restless legs cure. This was back in 2001. Although there was plenty of information, much of it was confusing and contradictory. No Restless Legs Cure?! Opinions ranged from the rather pessimistic:…

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Restless Leg Syndrome Causes Also Attributed to IBS, Hay Fever

One of the problems I’ve witnessed again and again with clients in my holistic healing practice is that their various symptoms are being treated as separate medical problems. It may be that these symptoms are in fact all derived from the same underlying cause. Understanding restless leg syndrome causes is certainly an important first step…

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Restless Legs Magnesium Advice: A Holistic Healer’s Perspective

If you Google cures for Restless Leg Syndrome, you are bound to come up with restless legs magnesium advice. People often blame Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) on some sort nutritional deficiency, such as magnesium or calcium.  My own experience and that of clients who’ve come to my holistic healing practice with RLS and associated illnesses is…

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How Many People Have Restless Legs Syndrome?

If you suffer from the twitching, jerking, burning of Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) as well as the sleepless nights that are associated with it, you are not alone! According to, one in ten adult Americans suffers from RLS. That’s a lot of people! Florida Hospital lists these astonishing statistics on their website: 5 million…

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